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To bring young projects to fruition and help them thrive in emerging markets blockchain development teams need experienced mentors and infrastructure in order to:

  • Take an idea and create an MVP to go to market with
  • Shape a diverse, skill set balanced team
  • Position their service or product and achieve market fit by conducting controlled traction experiments;
  • Obtain insider knowledge for proper blockchain use and tokenization models


Enterprises and corporations are eager for innovation. Enterprise has demand for decentralized solutions but needs proven models of partnerships. The value of blockchain technologies is indisputable, now the question corporations are daunted by is “how to implement it”.

The accelerator works to bridge industry giants who crave cutting edge technology and young startups that require expertise and mentorship to advance solutions to common pain points.

Corporate acceleration programs provide you with:

  • Long running industry expertise
  • Insight on real client needs
  • Global Internal and infrastructural pain points
  • Data sets to model, test and build upon


Selection Process

Our pipeline consists exclusively of infrastructural and blockchain based projects. We start the flow with an initial screening. Our analysts and investment team handle this step. Once we have a good understanding of the idea presented, the team’s tech skills and business approach, we engage our advisory board. Afterwards, the community will have an opportunity to vote on these projects.

Read the FAQ!

  • What does Ignee do?
  • Application Criteria
  • Selection Process
  • Investment
  • Coming to the Program
  • Tell me what exactly is Ignee?

    Ignee is a blockchain startup acceleration program. We are focused at blockchain solutions and products widening mass adoption of it. However, we think about founders first. Venture capital is about investing in people. We want to pick the best people over anything and tend to lean toward founders working on technology or business models of the future.

  • What do you mean by accelerator, what are you accelerating?

    When you come to Ignee, our goal is to rapidly develop your skills and product strategy by cutting out the time you’d waste trying to find invaluable resources on your own. Our accelerator will set you up for success by providing everything you need to take you from idea to deployment.

  • What investments does Ignee make in its Accelerator portfolio companies?

    Up to $75k for accelerator investment that is comprised of direct and services investments.

  • What if 75k is not enough?

    Startups come in all shapes & sizes. We want the flexibility to invest in great founders at every stage, whether they are still experimenting with product-market fit or have found it and are seeing traction. We take a lot of variables into account when putting together an investment offer.

  • What’s all this about a Mentoring program?

    Our Mentoring program consists of the following modules:
    Project management Product management Blockchain vs your problem Fundraising strategy Marketing and approach to market fit testing UI/UX Team management Business model and Tokenomics Legal Industry insider quality time
    The most valuable thing we provide for you is mentorship. Guided by our extensive experiences in the industry we can help you learn from others mistakes instead of getting burnt making your own. Ignee is a place we equip you with everything you need to turn an idea into a successful company. Whether you’re at the earliest stages recruiting a team or trying to optimizing your product market fit we are here to help you go to market.

  • Do I have to be in the Ignee location for the entire program?

    We do require that you be mostly on site for the duration of the program. This is primarily for you to take full advantage of the numerous networking and coaching opportunities where crucial learning takes place. Unannounced mentor drop ins, last minute pitch opportunities and eureka moments that all build up camaraderie are staggering and we wouldn’t want you to miss these. Ignee is undoubtedly an important commitment and we would like you to be present most of the time. With that said, it is YOUR company,and we understand that you may need to travel, be it for business or family so it’s your call.

  • Do I have to stay in that city when the program ends after 3 months?

    Not at all. It’s your company, you call the shots. Live where ever you want to.

  • How can we get funded after Ignee ends?

    Ignee provides seed funding to get you going, but as you grow you may need more funding to acheive the goals you’ve set. Near the end of the 3 month program, we will organize an Investor Demo Day where venture capitalists and angel investors will gather to listen to you pitch and demonstrate your tech.

  • What do I need to Apply?

    Commitment. You’ve gotta be willing to put in the long hours and hard work it will take to build your idea into a company. You also need a team of at least two people, the more the merrier though.

  • I’m a single founder. How can I find a co-founder?

    Congrats, you’re one of the brave ones and you’ve come to the right place. Apply to our co-founders matchmaking list. We strongly encourage you to seek out co founder whose skill set complements your own. Ex. if you’re a full stack dev ninja pairing up some a strong marketing or business development partner makes a lot of sense.

  • We are a team, but we don’t have a company. Is that a problem?

    Not at all. We will help you form a legal entity and formulate a business plan. Keep in mind that you need to be committed to this business all the way, it’s no part time hobby.

  • How to make my application more sexy?

    The most important thing you can do to strengthen your application are demonstrate that blockchain is a vital component of your business proposition. Round out your team with the necessary technical and business skills. Show us progress on your prototype and product in your application. The fire and passion about building your business has to show, so demonstrate early traction or provide data points to show us you’ve thought this through and validated your core assumptions.

  • Do you invest in teams without technical founders?

    Almost never.

  • Ok. Great! How do I apply?

    That big inviting button red button that says Apply Now, go ahead and click it. Register your profile and fill out the forms. Don’t worry if you’re unable to fill it out all at once, you can save a draft of your application and return to it at any time. Once you’re done with the form, hit submit and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we review your application.

  • How many companies get into a program?

    We take up to 10 startups per program.

  • How do you select the teams?

    We’ve got a rigorous process set in place that takes about a month from the deadline, depending on the number of applications we receive to pick the teams. We bring a panel of experts from our network of mentors to evaluate the applications and choose the ones best fit for our program.

  • I want to know the status of my application, can you tell me?

    Our selection process has a number of stages[link to How it works?]. We will do our best to keep you proactively updated on the status of your application.

  • I don’t speak good English, should I still apply?

    Absolutely. While the program is in English you should consider applying. We’ve had a large number of successful people complete the program who didn’t believe they were good English speakers.

  • I’m having difficulty describing my project in the Application Form, is that the only criteria you base your decision on?

    We base our decisions on a number of factors including your team’s track record, your ability to clearly communicate the value of your idea, and any other details you provide us with. We’ll set up an interview video call which will give you an opportunity to further elaborate on your application and note anything that you’ve struggled to articulate on paper.

  • How much Investment will Ignee give us?

    Ignee will provide you with $75,000 per founding team. The breakdown is as follows. We provide $25000 as services, including development, legal, cybersecurity, marketing and design. $25000 for sponsorship packages which include computing and server facilitation from AWS, MS, Google, FB, DigitalOcean and or EOS. The remaining $25000 are provided as a cash injection for the project. The $75000 is more than enough to get you through the 3 months of the program. However, it is very likely not enough to finance all of your business and development costs, so this should not be the main reason you apply to Ignee. The most important investment we can give you comes in the form of mentors, industry knowledge and access to our network of enterprises and investors.

  • How much Equity do you take?

    We take a dilutable 4-10% equity and tokens stake of your company.

  • Do you put someone on our Board of Directors?

    No. We act as advisors through the program and afterwards. You are still in full control of your company.

  • Is there a contract involved?

    Yes. We agree an Agreement before the program begins. It contains the typical rights of such an agreement and protects us both from any misunderstandings.

  • Will my intellectual property be safe with you?

    Yes. We also have mentors specialised in IP protection to help you.

  • Where are you located?

    Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • What happens when we arrive?

    To help you get settled we will provide you with a starter pack that will include goodies, info on our locations, transport, accommodation and best places in the city to eat out, work out, spend your leisure time and everything else you might need to get comfortable settled in your new environment.

  • How do we find accommodation?

    While we don’t provide you a place to live once you are accepted to Ignee we will immediately assign someone to help you find housing. Keep in mind that living in Kyiv is very affordable.

  • Is it safe to come out there?

    Of course! We will provide you with further info to help you feel completely settled and avoid any issues. Kyiv has a very low crime rate, and people are generally friendly and forthcoming. It’s safe and sound here. Of course! However, we will provide information to help you feel more settled and to avoid any potential problems. According to numbeo.com Kiev is rated as a safer city than London. So don’t let unsubstantiated fears stop you from applying!


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Ignee’s Two Accelerator Programs

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Induction Planning your stay After exploring your idea, you will have two brainstorming sessions with business advisors to challenge you to set-up goals for your stay at Ignee. You're milestones and roadmap for 4 month Project management Learn how to manage your production workflow and to get things done. +300 points to mind control Product management module Learn how to develop your product documentation, plan and provide your team for all stages of product’s lifecycle. +300 points to crafts and smithery 2h x 2 1h30 x 4 1h30 x 4
Advisor/mentor time Two mentors during weekly advisory sessions will guide you with thier extensive experience in the industry so you wouldn’t get burnt making your own mistakes. Mentorship schedule Blockchain vs your problem Let’s find out how to apply Blockchain to your problem/solution properly. Develop a business models for the future. +1000 HP and project viability +1000 to investor-attractiveness Fundraising strategy Receive guidance on your elevator pitch and presentation materials. Learn how to raise. +9000 to presentation skills +1000 to mind control Marketing and approach to market fit testing Challenge your product’s market fit. Learn how to identify your potential clients and how to get their attention. +1000 points to viability 3h x 642h x 21h30 x 41h30 x 4
UI/UXe Early adopters suffered enough. Serious, know your UI/UX.+250 points to viability Team management Learn how to build the team from scratch, how to hire right people, negotiate their compensation and keep them motivated.Organizational structure; hiring plan; descriptions; Team KPI’s and possible milestones Business model and Tokenomics Blockchain and economics advisors will help you to develop your business model. Decide on most applicable approach to Blockchain use and Token function. Projects business model and financial plan Legal Get familiar with all that legal Mumbo-Jumbo. +1000 to investors attractiveness +1000 to get-out-of-jail 1h30 x 41h30 x 41h30 x 162h x 4
Hackaton Hack your way around problems, get to MVP+1000 to love the smell of napalm in the morning Hustle Hustle every day, work hard in motivating environment. Always Be Closing +1 step to Zuckerberg phonecall (or who ever you’d like) Standups Keep up pace and recieve feedback. Motivate and be motivated. +1 brass ball Demo days Pitch your project and update your team-mates and peers. Refine your pitching skills. +1 brass ball Dinners Eat, Pitch, Love +1000 to presentation skills +1000 to mind control 2h x 1610min daily2h x 4

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